Why become a Friend?

The Frankfort Public Library serves over 25,000 patrons in community. Providing materials and programs for card holders of all ages. Over 200,000 books, videos, audio tapes, and CDs are loaned out annually. A variety of adult, family, and children's events are offered throughout the year. The Library provides these services and much more on less than 2.5% of your property tax dollars. Given the rapid change in technology and information in our world, is it any wonder that the library can use a little help from its friends?

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Books with new style

While there are many books on the shelves to purchase daily at the book sale, none of them look quite like the dazzling selection of hand-picked books, packaged and ready to be placed in the hands of someone that is in need of a gift. These books are proudly displayed showing their best side and standing out among the rest of the group. With the help of some Friends, Carol Siano, Susan Weinrebe and Gretchen Dust, they made fast and fun work out of task of breathing new life into some old favorites. Their result; resurrecting an old idea and bringing a unique gift giving experience to the public.

Now you have yet another reason to visit our fine library, as if you need one. Step into the library to find our new addition by the front self check out, you’d be hard pressed to miss us. If you were not amazed enough at the perfectly cute wrappings and decorations, you will be by the price. These are books in great to nearly new conditions and featured for only $5 dollars a bundle. I can give you a minute to go back and reread that last bit, yes, they are only $5 dollars. They contain anywhere from 3 to 5 books with some commonality to tie them into a great gift giving idea. Most include an upcycled bookmark handmade with a paint chip to save your pages from a life of dog ears.

Come on by to support the Friends of the Frankfort Library so we can have more continued success in our efforts to provide additional funding to keep moving forward with more titles and more technology. Did you know the library features a new scanner and by the way, it’s free of charge. Have you been wondering who is included in your family tree, the library features sites that can help you track down the past.

If you haven’t been to the Frankfort Public Library lately, you should. When you’re there, sign up to become a Friend and maybe even pick up a gift or two for Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter. Learning new tricks shouldn’t just be for dogs and books, we can all learn something new this new year!

Name: friends
Post date: February 6th, 2012

Friends Features!

A wonderful collection has made it's way to our shelves and hopefully into your homes soon. W.E.B. Griffin, is our current featured author - with at least 20 different titles to chose from and at our low low pricing! In addition to the Griffin books we are also featuring graphic novels for the younger set. Stock up now before the next snowfall so you will have something to enjoy with your hot chocolate.

Name: friends
Post date: January 16th, 2012