TAB Member Guest Post: Resolutions by Grace

Resolutions to Read   By: Grace J.

Mysteries, Thrillers & Suspense, Oh My!

The more I read, the more jaded I become.  It takes  a lot for me to finish a book these days.  For instance, Young Adult literature has spoiled me for reading adult books.  If it takes too long to get to the point or gets bogged down in too much detail and not enough plot, I won't read it.  My litmus test for most books is the first line, first paragraph, first page and, if they're lucky, the first ten pages.  At most I'll suffer through half a book before I quit.  You wouldn't think it, but this librarian has become a reluctant reader!  Jaded and easily bored by blah books, I have certain

If You Like Hunger Games, Try...

The Hunger Games is officially the hottest book in the world right now.  We get asked several times a day, every day, all day, if we have copies of the book.  "Why, yes, yes, we do have 10 copies of the book.  No.  No, they are not here, sadly.  They are all checked out!  There are 820 holds on the book system wide.  Would you like to wait for the book?"  That's how it goes at the desk.  BUT have no fear!  Ms. Sarah has a read-alike list for you! 

Humor Me!

April's right around the corner, which means April Fool's Day will soon be here.  April is National Humor Month!  So kick it off right with a good laugh or two.   These are my favorite funny books that I've read recently!

Best Teen Books of 2011

How do you decide which books out of all the great young adult titles that have been published this year are the "best"?  Well, the way I see it, there's three different ways to look at it: from the critic's point of view, bestsellers/most popular, and your own personal faves.  So that's exactly how I've divvied up my list below!  Best books of 2011?  Here you go!

Critic Picks for Best of 2011

Booktalk Videos!

These are videos of the same booktalks I did at Hickory Creek Middle School December 19th, 2011, and some of the ones I did at Summit Hill Middle School on December 13th, 2011.  Looking for any of these books?  Check on display in the Young Adult section of the library or alphabetical by the author's last name.  Can't find it?  Ask a librarian; that's what we're here for.


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