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Mysteries, Thrillers & Suspense, Oh My!

The more I read, the more jaded I become.  It takes  a lot for me to finish a book these days.  For instance, Young Adult literature has spoiled me for reading adult books.  If it takes too long to get to the point or gets bogged down in too much detail and not enough plot, I won't read it.  My litmus test for most books is the first line, first paragraph, first page and, if they're lucky, the first ten pages.  At most I'll suffer through half a book before I quit.  You wouldn't think it, but this librarian has become a reluctant reader!  Jaded and easily bored by blah books, I have certain

Falling for the Fey: Faeries, Pixies, Nixies, Fae, & Folk

Fairies really have stood the test of time, and there's never any shortage of fairy books to read since there are so many reasons to love the fey (or fear them, depending on the Court).

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