Staff Pick: I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

FPLD Staff Rating:    5/5 (Full Rainbow!)

The intricate story of I’ll Give You the Sun seems nearly inconsequential to the beautiful words and the soaring and falling of emotions, but here is the basic premise: Noah and Jude are twins whose lives are inseparable until there is a rift torn between them.  What happened to tear them apart?  Is there a way back to their inseparable bond after what happened to them?   Their stories are interwoven in the book; artistic, sensitive Noah narrates the early years, and daring, creative Jude tells the later years.  Both only have half the story.  When Noah starts falling in love and Jude begins to unravel the events of the past, the twins’ lives begin to change again, but will they recover from the damage to their relationship?

Review: What makes this book shine for me are the beautiful, breathtaking words. The language and the imagery are mind-blowing. I laughed out loud while my heart broke on behalf of these characters. I fell totally in love with them. I SQUEEED out loud at the kisses, and my heart stopped at the secrets. This is writing at its absolute best.  Not to mention the layers of structure playing into the story and the mystery.  The descriptions of colors alone in this book are worth the read.  For fans of magical realism, romantics, lyricism, art, betrayal stories, family or sibling stories, or structurally intricate novels. Highly recommended. (Grades 8+)

Ms. Sarah, Teen Librarian