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Learn how to find the most accurate and respected information related to health, medication, and wellness through the Library's subscription databases, the Internet, and via the use of some handy APPS. Also learn how to look up information about doctors, hospitals, and local health resources. See tips on evaluating resources you find on the Internet.

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Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) Multi-disciplinary database providing full text for more than 4,600 journals.

Medline All areas of medicine, including dentistry and nursing. Corresponds to the print indexes: Index Medicus, Index to Dental Literature, and International Nursing Index.

PapersFirst Index of papers presented at conferences worldwide.

Internet Sites

Website Evaluation Checklist

FPLD Affordable Care Act Page

Doctors Ratings

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) Find how long when a doctor received their license, how long they’ve been in practice, and if they’ve ever been disciplined.

Well-known and sometimes controversial doctors (Doctors listed also have blogs, twitter sites and more)

Dr. Mercola Dr. Mercola is an alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician, and web entrepreneur, who markets a variety of controversial dietary supplements and medical devices through his website, He’s been interviewed on the Today Show, CNN, ABC’s World News Tonight, Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, CBS/NBC/ABC local news shows, Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and dozens of Nationally Broadcast Radio shows. He’s authored 3 New York Times Bestsellers, The Great Bird Flu Hoax, The No-Grain Diet, and Effortless Healing.

Dr. Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon, television personality. He is supportive of alternative medicine and has been criticized by physicians, government officials and publications, including Popular Science and The New Yorker, for giving non-scientific advice. After five years as a health expert on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Dr. Mehmet Oz gets an hour of his own each weekday to discuss viewers' health-and-wellness concerns. No subject is off-limits, as Dr. Oz addresses viewers' questions and talks to health experts about any and all topics.

Dr. Weil is an American medical doctor, teacher, and author on holistic health. He is founder, professor, and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. According to his website, he is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a healing oriented approach to health care which encompasses body, mind, and spirit.

Additional Websites edition of Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body Features 1,247 vibrant engravings — many in color — from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a subject index with 13,000 entries ranging from the Antrum of Highmore to the Zonule of Zinn.

Cancer Net This is the central website for the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the U.S. government’s principal agency for cancer research. It offers free, credible, current, comprehensive information about cancer prevention and screening, diagnosis and treatment, research across the cancer spectrum, clinical trials, and news and links to other NCI websites.

Dartmouth Medical School Department of Anatomy

Genetics Home Reference The National Library of Medicine's web site for consumer information about genetic conditions and the genes or chromosomes related to those conditions.

Get Body Smart Designed by a professor named Scott Sheffield, based on 21 years of teaching this material at the university level. Still in development, it represents his attempt to create a fully animated and interactive eBook about human anatomy and physiology.

Healthline Human Body Maps

Livestrong Offers authoritative expert content in the diet, nutrition, fitness, wellness and lifestyle categories that informs and empowers.

Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit organization. Physicians, scientists and other medical experts dedicate a portion of their clinical time to this site.


MedlinePlus has a specific page on health Insurance which covers the Affordable Care Act. You can also sign up for email notifications for topic updates.

Open-i Image Search, Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine Search images and figures featured in biomedical articles from full text collections such as PubMed Central.

SpongeLab Build-A-Body

UC Davis Health System: Neurological Eye Simulator

Visible Human Project United States National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) project goal is the creation of complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representation of normal male and female human bodies.

Virtual Autopsy

WebMD Provides timely, credible and valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information.

Winking Skull Designed to let you study and test yourself on human anatomy. You can gauge your proficiency against a handy timer and see your test results instantly.

Wisconsin Medical School Dissection Videos

Yale University School of Medicine: Cranial Nerves


TIP!: Many doctors and hospitals have their own websites.

National Doctor and Hospital Finder Blue Cross Blue Shield holders

The DRM Regional Resource Directory: Illinois A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established to promote and improve awareness, availability and accessibility of information that can help people with disabilities live, learn, love, work and play independently. It serves thousands of individuals with disabilities through a multidisciplinary network of service providers and consumers.

Illinois Provider Directory Find a Provider for children and young adults with Special Health Care Needs.

Special Needs Resource Project: Illinois Resource Links Provides a basic guide for parents of children with chronic health issues, disabilities and special needs. The site is designed to help you get a jump-start in your search for helpful information and resources.

APPS (There are over 1.6 million apps in the Apple marketplace alone)

101 Ways A mashup of the best of Experience Life magazine and, this fun app cleverly combines 101 creative healthy-living suggestions with a rich supply of smart, deep, well-researched articles you can peruse at your own pace. It’s a daily dose of health and happiness, delivered in an enticing, interactive package that appeals to all kinds: men and women, young and old, health-motivated and health-seeking. Kids love it, too!

iAnatomy A simple, portable anatomy atlas of the face, neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. -75 images with 60 actual CT scans of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis.

Dirty Dozen Nearly two-thirds of the 3,015 produce samples tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2013 contained pesticide residues - a surprising finding in the face of soaring consumer demand for food without agricultural chemicals. It lists the 'dirty dozen' and the 'clean fifteen' of fruits and vegetables.

Essential Atlas The Atlas deals with the biology of ALL essential body systems and helps any student of medicine to cope with their peers.

GoodGuide Use the GoodGuide app to instantly find safe, healthy, green and socially responsible products based on scientific ratings.

GoodRx Stop overpaying for your prescriptions! Compare prescription drug prices and find coupons to save up to 80%, even with insurance.

Medscape Medscape provides fast and accurate clinical answers at the point-of-care and is the leading medical resource for physicians, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Visual Anatomy Lite Interactive anatomy reference with 3D rotational models, Gray's anatomy images add-on, a muscle highlighting tool and full description!