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Simply Hired Salary Calculator Enter job title, a zip code or city and receive fast information on job salaries.

Occupational Outlook Handbook "...a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. The Handbook is revised every two years.”

Job Searching Strategies Includes an interactive forum, job search strategies, networking opportunities, job listings, and employment news. Job seekers can also set up a user profile. Provides information on how to job search, network, craft resumes, and more!

Job Listings: Local

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun-Times

Daily Herald

Craigslist Southland Chicago Jobs


IllinoisJobLink Job Seekers set up a user profile so the database can match skills with available jobs.

Illinois Job Network Registration not necessary to view job postings, however, registration can help connect you to companies looking for your skills.

Illinois Jobs You can view jobs at this site. You can also set up a profile and make your resume available to potential Illinois employers.

Regional Help Wanted - South Chicago

Workforce Services Division of Will County, E-Job Board

Job Listings: National

TIP: Most nation-wide job listings allow you to restrict your search to a particular city or county. Some sites below offer free registration to view jobs or to post your resume for potential employers needing your skills. A Mega Search across many job banks. A resume distribution service. Post your resume and have it sent to up to 87 top job sites. The number one source for Hourly Employment

Local Job and Career Service Centers

Workforce Services Division of Will County Offers numerous services for the job seeker including workshops, a resource room, recruiting events and more.

Local Career Events

Illinois Job Network Career events are shown next to the calendar found in the center of the website.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security

Workforce Services Division of Will County

Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interview Tips - Interviewing

CareerOneStop Provides a Resume Tutorial

Governors State University - Cover Letter Guide

Governors State University - Interviewing Guide

Governors State University - Resume Guide

Job Interview

Illinois WorkNet - Prepare Your Resume - Interviewing - Resumes & Letters

Riley Guide - Interviewing

The Vault: Sample Resumes and Cover Letters


CareerOneStop Employability Checkup “…provides a snapshot of your ability to find employment with a specific occupation at a specific wage and location.”

CareerOneStop Skills Profiler Create a list of skills and CareerOneStop will generate job types that need those skills.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter II A 70 question personality instrument to discover your personality type and find your best career fit.

Live Career A one-stop resource recognized by Forbes, CNET, Business Insider, Mashable, The New York Times, and Indeed.

Occupational Information Network iSeek Skills Assessment An assessment of your skills that takes about 5-10 minutes. After you complete the assessment, the ISEEK tool will generate a list of occupations that match your profile.

Social Media Tools for Networking

Linkedin LinkedIn revolves around building professional relationships. Executives from all Fortune 500 companies use it. Go to this site to create your Linkedin profile at no cost. Unlike offline copies of your resume, it is standard to include a picture of yourself as part of your online resume on LinkedIn. There is no cost to create a user account.

Plaxo Plaxo is a social networking site with features similar to LinkedIn and facebook.

Weddles This site offers a handy index of professional associations in order to improve your networking prospects.

Vitae An online career hub dedicated to those who work in academic environments. There is no cost to create a user account.