Wait A Minute... I Already Read This! How to Track Your Reading.

When you read as much as I do, it gets difficult to keep track of not only which book is which but which ones you've already read.  It's the worst feeling when you're half-way through a 500 page book and you realize, "Wait a minute!  I've already read this!"  (I may be speaking from experience here.)  So what's a reader to do?  Luckily for us, there's the interwebs.  On the web, there are at least three very popular ways to catalog your own reading history online--and I've got to say, they are all pretty sweet in their own ways.  Before I show you those, I'm going to show you how to track your reading history through our very own library-based catalog. 


That's right, folks!  With just a click of a button, you can choose to save your checkout history at FPLD and never wonder again why you are re-reading a book so forgettable that you are 250 pages in and you didn't even remember you've read it!  Here's how.


1.) Go to our homepage: www.frankfortlibrary.org, and click on the link in the upper left corner which says check my account.  





2.) Login to your account with your last name, your library barcode (on the back of your card, a 14 digit number), and a PIN that you make up.  (If you are not sure of your PIN, see  a librarian.)









3.) On your account page, click on the link that says Reading History







4.) Click Opt In.  Now each item that you check out will be saved to your reading history.




















5.) You can also choose a title and rate it(Optional)


















Now, if you want to have someplace else to save your reading history and rate and review books, here are the most popular online catalog sites I know of. 


1.) Shelfari


UPDATED!!!  Ms. Sarah Says: This used to be my favorite, but now would be my second choice, possibly my third.   Its book cover layout is very helpful because sometimes seeing the cover is the best thing about a book (or the only thing you remember, really).  It's easy to use, you can tag your books, and see all your friends' books as well.  It recently got updated so that now you can post your shelfari reviews to your facebook if you like.  Also, you can log in with your Amazon.com account.

The best thing?  The layout is very visual and easy to use!  However, recently, I had some technical difficulties using the site, so I am in the process of switching over all my reviews and ratings from Shelfari to Good Reads.  NOW, Good Reads is my most beloved and favoritest site.  See #2 below!