Frankfort News Editions Online

The FRANKFORT NEWS, a community paper, published monthly by volunteers, was delivered to every address in the Frankfort area free of charge from 1973-1996. All 276 issues, 3,300 pages total, of community news and information have been digitally reproduced and stored in a fully searchable text database. FRANKFORT NEWS Editions Online, provides geneaologists, local historians, student researchers and the community-at-large with a vital link back to days gone but not forgotten in Frankfort.
July, 1996 PDF icon 1996_07__v23_n09.pdf
June, 1996 PDF icon 1996_06__v23_n08.pdf
May, 1996 PDF icon 1996_05__v23_n07.pdf
April, 1996 PDF icon 1996_04__v23_n06.pdf
March, 1996 PDF icon 1996_03__v23_n05.pdf
February, 1996 PDF icon 1996_02__v23_n04.pdf
January, 1996 PDF icon 1996_01__v23_n03.pdf
December, 1995 PDF icon 1995_12__v23_n02.pdf
November, 1995 PDF icon 1995_11__v23_n01.pdf
October, 1995 PDF icon 1995_10__v22_n12.pdf
September, 1995 PDF icon 1995_09__v22_n11.pdf
August, 1995 PDF icon 1995_08__v22_n10.pdf
July, 1995 PDF icon 1995_07__v22_n09.pdf
June, 1995 PDF icon 1995_06__v22_n08.pdf
May, 1995 PDF icon 1995_05__v22_n07.pdf
April, 1995 PDF icon 1995_04__v22_n06.pdf
March, 1995 PDF icon 1995_03__v22_n05.pdf
February, 1995 PDF icon 1995_02__v22_n04.pdf
January, 1995 PDF icon 1995_01__v22_n03.pdf
December, 1994 PDF icon 1994_12__v22_n02.pdf