Population Served: (30,484)

-  Frankfort Square

-  Lincoln Estates

-  Prestwick

-  Village of Frankfort

-  List of Subdivisions


Size of the Library:

- 29,400 square feet


Collection Size: (Total: 111,687 not including eTitles)

Adult Fiction Titles, 22,769
 Adult Nonfiction Titles, 33,922
- Adult Audio Titles, 
- Adult CD Titles, 5,273
- Adult Blue-Ray & DVD Titles, 7,144

- Adult Video Games, 147
- Youth Services Fiction Titles, 20,497
- Youth Services Non-Fiction Titles, 15,340
- Youth Services Audio Titles, 1,064
- Youth Services CD Titles, 429
- Youth Services Blue-Ray & DVD Titles, 1,774

- Youth Services Video Games, 427

- Magazine & Newspaper Titles, 131

- One Click Digital eAudio Titles, 308

- Shared eMedia Titles, Media On Demand platform, 29,761

- Shared eMedia Titles, eRead Illinois platform, 24.045

Zinio eMagazine Titles, 75


FPLD Historical Timeline:

-  August 29, 1961: Library is established at 9 W. Nebraska Street as a volunteer library by a group of members from the Frankfort Women's Club and area PTA. Library doors opened in March 1962. See Remember the Ladies


-  May 28, 1966: Library becomes a tax-supported village library.


- 1967: Library Board hires Ms. Arlene Santoro as the first Administrative Librarian.


- May 1968: Library moves to new location at 27 S. Ash Street.


- September 1, 1970: Library becomes a district library.


- March 19, 1971: Library annexes unincorporated communities of Lincoln Estates and Prestwick.


- September 19, 1973: Library annexes Frankfort Square.


- July 1, 1974:  Library joins the Suburban Library System.


- December 13, 1975:  Referendum raises $825,000 for a new library building and bookmobile.


- January 1977: Bookmobile service to local school districts begins.


- March 1977: Library acquires deed to property at the southwest corner of Route 30 and Pfeiffer Road. 


- February 18, 1978: Groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the construction of a new library building on five acres of land at the southwest corner of Route 30 and Pfeiffer Road.


- July 9, 1979: Library opens to the public at its present location, 21119 S. Pfeiffer Road. 


- February 3, 1980: Library is formerly dedicated at its new location.


- Spring 1984: Administrative Librarian Ms. Arlene Santoro retires.


- Fall 1984: Library Board hires Ms. Lorrine Novak as the second Administrative Librarian.


- May 11, 1995: The library acquires an additional two acres of land making library property total seven acres.


- June 1, 1996: Library celebrates its 30th anniversary.


- 1997: Administrative Librarian Ms. Lorrine Novak leaves the library.


- 1997-1998: Library Board hires Marian M. Glunz to serve as Interim Administrative Librarian.


- Summer 1998: Library Board hires Mr. Detlev Pansch as the third Administrative Librarian.


- Summer 1999: Library sponsors a cow named “Lucy the Lactator” as a participant in  the city of Chicago

   program called “Cows on Parade.”


- November 12, 1999: Grand opening to celebrate a new addition built at the west end of the  library.


- 2008: Administrative Librarian Mr. Detlev Pansch leaves the library.


- 2008: Library Board hires Interim Administrative Librarian Ms. Mary Sue Brown.


- 2008: Library begins to convert adult non-fiction collection to a Dewey-Free classification system.


- October 2008: Library Board hires Mr. Pierre Gregoire as the fourth Administrative Librarian.


- September 2009: Library completes conversion of the Dewey-Free classification system for all adult non-fiction materials. 


- May/June 2012: Library parking lot is improved and repaved by P.T. Ferro Construction with oversight by Robinson Engineering.  9 public parking spaces were added, drainage system was re-engineered, and a solid gravel parking area was laid in front of the barn to serve as overflow as needed.  A dying tree was removed during the repaving process.

- September 2, 2014: Groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate a 9,400 square foot addition on the Library's west end.


- May 2, 2015: Ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate a 9,400 square foot addition on the Library's west end. New space allocated for community meeting rooms, additional study rooms, computer area, learning lab and quiet study.